Brand New Nurse and Brand New Job :)

  1. 5 Well my RN license was issued Aug 26, 2013 and I was offered an amazing position in an amazing facility on September 5th! God is so good. I give Him all of the credit for my blessings. I was all geared up for a long wait for employment because most places I applied to wanted BSNs or experience. I had neither, however, I applied to a LTAC facility not too far from home that 'preferred' BSN grads. I thought well I will try it just in case since its convenient to my home. Guess what you guys, I interviewed yesterday. The ADON called me back around noon and offered me the position! I was shocked, thankful, and relieved all at once. To all the new grads that are looking for employment, apply to every listing your interested in because you may be called in for an interview. Good luck to you all
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    Wow. Congrats to you. God is directing you, my dear. All the best.

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    Those are the doings of the Lord. His plans can never be thwarted with or without a BSN. To Him be the Glory.
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    Yes, God is soooo good! Congrats! My first offer and position was at a LTACH; it's was an invaluable experience - you will learn lots. Best wishes to you :-)
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    Its your time to shine**** Good luck to all of us.
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    Thank you everyone for your kind words May we all receive the desires of our heart.
    To God be the glory
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    Wow. Tomorrow is my first day on the floor. Its been approximately two months since I practiced any of my skills. I spent the entire weekend watching youtube videos to refresh the steps in my mind. I don't want to look terribly incompetent in front of the patients or preceptor. I have technically 12 days (3 days a week) of orientation with a preceptor. I plan to ask her to allow me to do the majority of the assignment so I can be ready when I'm on my own. Any other suggestions?
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    Congratulations!! I think that is a great idea, I'm sure your preceptor would not mind that. I hope your orientation goes well! God bless you
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    Quote from idani
    Congratulations!! I think that is a great idea, I'm sure your preceptor would not mind that. I hope your orientation goes well! God bless you
    God bless you also

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