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Hi everyone, I have a question I will be graduating from a traditional 4 year college with a B.A. in history at the end of Fall 2010. I currently have a 3.85 gpa and will most likely graduate with the highest latin honors. The... Read More

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    I thought about the posibility of it showing up on a transcript. Although I doubt it would, the only way to know for sure is to ask the college. I would definitely do that so you know what you are dealing with. You should also request that a copy of your tanscript be sent to you so you can see for yourself what's on it. If you question whether it would be on an official copy and not an unofficial one, have an "official" copy sent to yourself or a family member.

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    Thank you for your replies llg and GM2RN, I asked about this a while ago just forgot to mention that it does not show up on the transcript. My transcript looks just like everyone elses. The only difference is I won't be graduating in "good standing" with my school since I have discipline points for what I did. I am eligible to stay at this school for as long as I want though. Sometimes on applications there are questions such as "Have you ever received disciplinary action against you, etc" Then I'd have to answer yes. Those usually have 2 questions, academic discipline and social/behavioral, I have the latter. So the only way schools do find out if there is a question like that (I will be honest and disclose it) or if there is no question but they call your previous institution and ask if I have any disciplinary records.

    llg I do regret it a lot right now I am just more concerned with the consequences. While feeling sorry about it does show maturity, personal growth, etc and I do regret it a lot it doesn't really help me if doors will be closed because of this. Talking to the dean of students, she said from her experience with students at my college and other institutions, as long as the applicant is qualified for what s/he is applying for and doesn't lie, this type of stuff (plus its a first time offense, I have very good history) doesn't prevent them from gaining admissions. Nonetheless I am still worried about it.

    I really wish I knew if I would get into either NYU or UPenn, once I get that decision I will know where I stand. If I do not get in, I will have 2 semesters worth of prereqs to do. Otherwise I have nothing to worry about...except money..then the answer will be prereqs and state schools rather than priv. schools.

    Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, I hope I can return the favor one day!
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    So then the only thing to do is apply and see what happens. There's nothing preventing you from applying sooner than you need to in order to give you time to go to plan B if you don't get into the school of your choice. The only thing you will be out is your application fee, if any.

    Good luck!
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    Quote from GM2RN
    All routes are an option, it just depends on which is best for you based on costs and time to complete the program.

    As for ADN vs BSN for employers, it's really difficult to say. Right now, in some areas, the BSNs are being hired over ADNs. Who knows if this will still be the case a couple of years from now when you are applying for your first job. You are the only one who can decide which route to pursue.
    Keep in mind that even if the "BSN preferred" goes away in two years, it might not, and if you had a BSN it wouldn't be an issue anyway.
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    Illusion5...I am currently in your exact shoes and debating the BSN vs ADN route...how did it work for you? I desperately need to still be able to work while going to school. Were you able to find a job with an ADN? I too have a Bachelor's degree.
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    Quote from Megasa
    Illusion5...I am currently in your exact shoes and debating the BSN vs ADN route...how did it work for you? I desperately need to still be able to work while going to school. Were you able to find a job with an ADN? I too have a Bachelor's degree.
    Sorry for taking so long to reply, I forgot my password lol then I got mad cause I couldn't remember it! I haven't graduated yet, I will be starting the ASN program at the end of August. I picked the ASN route because it was cheaper for me and I need to work to pay bills. I decided to take my chances on getting an ASN because someone will hire me, I don't believe I will be an unemployed RN with an associate degree forever. Also, the state I reside in a lot of nursing programs BSN or ASN will not accept your anatomy and physiology and microbiology classes if they are older than 5 years so I ended up retaking those courses. If I wanted to apply to the BSN program I might have to wait and I don't know for how long. If this is something that you want to do then go for the ASN. ASN vs BSN debate will continue until all ASN programs becomes obsolete!! Look at it like this you are investing in yourself and that investment will pay off.

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