Are Online RN to BSN Degrees Looked Down Upon?

  1. Hello everyone! My question is about online RN to BSN degrees. I'm currently enrolled in an ADN program in Texas and I'm considering my options for where to obtain a BSN. I cannot seem to find any classroom RN to BSN programs - the only one I could find is at UT Austin but that program is not currently active. I've heard that employers do not care if your BSN is online, as long as it is from an accredited university, but that graduate programs look down upon these degrees. Is this true? I understand that I'm still in school, but it is not a bad thing to plan ahead and I just want to leave my options open. I'm a little worried that I've just screwed myself if grad school is something I ever want to do.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Tens of thousands of RNs earn their BSNs and MSNs and DNPs online every year. your fears are unfounded.
  4. by   Yuweezy
    Like the previous comment says, tons of people get their degree through online. It doesn’t say on your diploma whether you went to school in person or did it online.