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ADN is fine? - page 3

Hello, I'm a student at UNH in Durham, NH. I am currently on a pre-nursing track to get a BSN. This is going to take me five years, as I had some trouble finding what I truly wanted to do. ... Read More

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    Quote from nursetobein2010
    I am applying for programs for Fall 2008 and am torn between BSN and ADN programs. Because of my family plans, I am leaning more toward the ADN programs (so much cheaper, perhaps a little easier, etc).
    They are not any easier...remember, students graduating from ADN programs take the exact same boards as BS/BSN the nursing content is virtually the same. The 4 year programs have more community and management, but they aren't any harder!
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    Quote from momof2RN
    I went the ADN route and have never regretted it. After a two year break from school, I went back and completed my BSN totally online. My employer also paid for my BSN, so it was a win-win situation for me. I worked full-time (and had a newborn and toddler) while completing the program and never really had much problem. Luckily, I also have a fabulous husband who supported me every step of the way.
    Good luck with whatever you decide on.

    Hi Mom of 2<
    What on-line BSN program did you choose? I'd be interested in that route too.

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    I also went the ADN route and glad i did. Like the others have stated, it is cheaper, faster......yet you receive the same education. The nursing education is two year regardless.

    I graduated in may 2006 and now working in a hospital setting. My job is paying for me to get my RN-MSN in FULL and I start in this fall.

    So not only did I do it cheaper but i will also receive my BSN and MSN in less time than it would take the 4 year student that enter at the same time..... because i have the 1 year working experience behind me.

    ....but whatever decision you make, nurising is the way to go. We need more nurses and im glad you've choosen this field. God Bless.