ADN (3/2013 grad)... then BSN? or bridge program to MSN in specialty?

  1. Hi all,

    I graduated this past March, took boards and got hired on in a local long-term care facility within a month of graduation. It's a great job to start out with, get comfortable with delegation and all, but it's not (entirely) where my heart is, especially because it's NOT a skilled facility. The skills are what was exciting to me, but not having any RN experience and no BSN meant no hiring me at the hospital (despite my many applications to hospitals, although I don't blame them). My end goal is to be a midwife, and now that I'm looking into school again, I've found I have 2 choices - either get a BSN (I've been looking into WGU), or to skip the BSN and do a bridge program from Frontier Nursing University (or something similar). Part of me just wants to jump on the opportunity to get my to my ultimate goal (midwife), but another part of me says it would be more beneficial to get a BSN first, as a good, solid stepping-stone, all the while gaining experience as an RN as I go. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Wanting to get going on something soon!
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  3. by   besaangel
    First of all, CONGRATS!!!

    I think that the only con to doing the ADN-MSN is that you will not earn an actual BSN in the process of earning your MSN. This may or not be a concern but it is something to recognize. I am also considering the same pathway but I am leaning more to the BSN-DNP (just in case).

    I'd say, create a timeline and write yourself a pro and con list for both; please be realistic. For e.g. needing a bit of experience as a RN to be a better Midwife. I think it will put things into a clearer perspective.

    All the best!!!
  4. by   Grneyzrn
    I've been looking at WGU as well, seems pretty good. But their MSN is for education and administration.