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  1. I have applied to four nursing programs for the fall of 2013. I am currently a senior in high school. So far, I have been accepted to one school. Some I will not hear from until later in the year. The one I have been accepted at is a 2 + 2 program. ADN, RN Exam/Licensure, BSN. Most of the hospitals hire part-time after becoming an RN since the school has a great reputation while continuing on to BSN. The others are all ADN programs, RN/Licensure with the option of completing the BSN. Two offer BSN only on-line and the other offers the BSN partial online, partial classroom. My questions is this. With my ultimate goal being NP, which of these programs do you think prepares me the best. Or is there no difference. Of course all the schools are saying their way is the best.
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  3. by   llg
    From the information you have given here, it is impossible to say. The real thing you should be looking at is the quality of the school -- not the sequence of courses, etc.

    Are the schools of equal quality? Are they all equally respected by employers in your community? Are they all regionally accredited by the same organizations that accredit graduate schools? Do they all have good pass rates for the NCLEX (RN licensing exam)? How many people flunk out or drop out of each program? Are the faculty members of each school equally qualified?

    Where will you be doing you clinical rotations at each of these schools? (If a school is not using the best facilities in your area, that might be a sign that the best hospitals don't respect that school.)

    These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself. The information in your original post tell us nothing about the quality of the education you will receive at those schools -- and the quality of your education is what you should be most concerned about.

    Good luck to you, whatever you decide.
  4. by   jetsy62
    All four schools have a 100% pass rate on the available data on the NCLEX. They are obviously in different areas geographically. All would require staying on campus which is a non-issue for me. All do clinicals at either teaching hospitals, trauma hospitals, etc. All have a rather small enrollment, the largest of which accepts 22 students I believe. The one school does have a fair amount of students that quit/flunk out. The reason, with talking from previous and current students, is they weed out the ones that are not going to make it fast! But if you make the grade, they also say the professors are very willing to help you succeed. Common comment is "you are not just a number here", this coming from the students. I have visited all and all seem nice. Money is obviously an issue but I won't know what I will be receiving in the form of grants, etc. until after I complete the FAFSA which can't be done until after 1/1/13 and I have to give my deposits by 2/1/13.
    So ... that is why I am comparing educational paths. Does it matter?