Weird incident in the MRI room.. - page 2

A tech who is a type 1 diabetic accidently walked into the MRI room wearing an insulin pump.. the pump flew into the gantry...luckily the patient wasnt harmed... however the tech recieved a large... Read More

  1. by   Sally O.
    I have run into a similar situation and had some questions for Kevin. How could I get him my questions?
  2. by   dansingrn
    Absolutely this tech cannot be required by an employer to revert to injections! Contact the American Diabetes Association for details regarding discrimination against persons with diabetes.
  3. by   Lacourty
    I can see why the facility is concerned. There have been innocent mistakes with metal in MRI rooms which have killed patients. MRI techs, for the most part, are very diligent at making sure no "metal" accidents occur but there is always that time when they may be in a hurry or have an emergency patient that needs to be attended to. Although I don't agree with the facility forcing the tech to take insulin injections the facility always has a defense when it comes to patient safety. If another incident like this were to occur that resulted in injury, everyone would be wondering why the facility did not take action to correct the possibility of patient injury. The facility may not have "forced" the tech to take injections but may reassign him to xray or possibly CT if he is qualified if he doesn't take injections.
  4. by   sumoe
    I sure wouldn't want to be working in that kind of situation! It's great that a specialty has been learned, but aren't there limits somewhere? Should my patient's and my safety be pitted against someone else's common sense? I'm sorry that there has to be limits, but there must be limits on what is allowed. So many times my tech has run into the room because the patient is beginning to vomit, or moving uncontrollably...just a few steps ahead of me. Many times that help, that second pair of hands, is needed right then, not in a few minutes. Time for a reality check by everyone concerned.