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Pnemothorax:confused: Am currently studding radiology and I came a cross a question "If a Pt has postrama pnemo, what are the chances that the pt will encounter the same illness in the future" ... Read More

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    pnemothorax patient

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    Pneumothorax, the presence of air in the pleural cavity, results in a partial or complete collapse of the lung. It commonly results from rapture of the subpleural bulla, either as a complication or emphysema or as a spontaneous event in an otherwise healthy young adult, as your self.

    Also it may be a complication of neonatal hyaline membrane disease and require prolonged assisted ventilation.

    I wish I could help you in more detail but honestly I have to have your current history and also I don't have my M.D, license yet.

    Here visit this web site and it will go in greater detail about spontaneous phemo.

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    pnemothorax patient

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    Google this spelling for more: pneumothorax.
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    recurrent pneumothoraxes may require intervention. Additionally, assisted ventilation has been trialed (read: CPAP), but I was unable to locate any definite study results.