PICC Lines in Radiology - page 5

Are any radiology RN's placing Picc lines in their departments and if so are you utilizing fluoro or ultrasound guidance? In the instance that you are using fluoro, is it a technologist... Read More

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    Of course it's a real job. A radiologist is a physican who specializes in the interpretation of medical images such as MRI scans, CT scans, x-rays, nuclear medicine scans, mammograms and sonograms. They are specially trained to identify injury and disease in each of the body's systems, whether bone, tissue, organs or blood vessels. Radiologists may specialize in fields such as neuroradiology, angiography, cardiovascular-interventional radiology, pediatric radiology or nuclear medicine. It is not the same as a rad tech! Pleasanton Radiation Oncologist.

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    I know in my hospital the only people doing bedside and IR piccs are the CV RAD techs hmm...anyone else heard of this?

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