CT Scan help!

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    hey there,

    I had a 23y f pt presented to our unit compilaining of headache since 7years , high blood pressure since 2years , palpitaion from time to time with rest of body function tested it showed -ve to any cardiac or blood disorder
    doctor ordered head CT scan with contrast,
    as CT scan done radiolodiest reported -ve brain tumor and reported a presence of small osteoma in the skull!!

    !! could this cause all the mesioned symptoms this patient having?!
    I attached link to pic of the CT Brain if any body has an idea please share it!



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    Her diagnoses definitely could be causing the symptoms. I've seen cases where tumors were a direct cause of the headaches but the location of the tumor and osteoma may have something to do with it as well. I wasn't able to view brain CT and probably wouldn't know enough by looking at them anyhow. You can always check with the radiologist. I know not many are very approachable but I used to work with a great one that always wanted to teach me. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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    thinx 4 ur replay it was quit helpful
    i'm trying to understand this and read more about skull osteoma and how to differentiate between it and between bone cyst! , hopefully i'll find a radiologist who can help me

    in this image the radiologist point the osteoma



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