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What? No radiology posts!?!?! Well.......we need to start one... Let's see....... how did everyone get trained in radiology nursing? Anyone actually have an organized training program or did... Read More

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    Very good ideas, dianah. I definitely agree to prepare the day before as much as you can for tomorrow's cases. Developing some sort of check list may be helpful to remind you of everything that needs to be done. We prepare a "chart" of sorts, even on the inpatients, so that we know everything is done before the pt gets to the dept. Includes printed copies of all needed labs, H &P, allergies, etc, even though all of this should be on their chart. I know this kills more trees, but we want to know everything is done AND all abnormalities are known and addressed BEFORE the pt comes to the angio suite! (although surprises are always fun!) All our outpatients, of course, also have charts that are made up the day before they come. We also have standing orders for the majority of things we do, so we can automatically go from there. Much easier! Also, experience will be your greatest tool in helping you all decide what will work and what won't work in your specific circumstances. Every place is a little different. Don't be afraid to try a system and if it doesn't work, throw it out or redesign it. That's how everybody's systems started. And don't let the IR intimidate you. Dianah's right -- they want things to work but generally don't have the slightest idea how you organized it! Good luck

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