Getting into QA/QI-qualifications

  1. 0 I've been a nurse for only two years but am already burnt out with my busy ortho/neuro bedside nursing. I'm wondering what qualifications I might need to get into QA/QI. I am very analytical which is the biggest reason I'm so frustrated with bedside nursing. Thi sounds right up my alley! I know there is a certification of some sort but it appears to be for experienced QA/QI that right? I've also looked into a masters program and I'm not sure whether I should be looking into MBA or masters in nursing-nurse administrator or healthcare administration. What are they chances I would be able to get a job like this with only two years experience? Is there anything I could be doing to better my chances? Other than hospitals, where else might there be a QA/QI nurse position?
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    Get HEDIS experience, good way to start.

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