Free resources to build your patient safety library.

  1. November 18, 2011

    Free resources to build your patient safety library. From Longwoods Publishing, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Accreditation Canada.

    If you have ongoing patient safety learning programs (or just as important, if you don't) you and your staff can access this online resource about errors and error prevention in healthcare -- at no charge. It's free and includes a Blueprint for Patient Safety. See below.

    Longwoods will forward you six online ePublications developed for the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Accreditation Canada. The Editor-in-Chief is Dr. Ross Baker from the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. All materials are available to you at no cost. FREE. The first five ePubs are available now. The sixth is being prepared for publication early in 2012.

    Below are only a few of the "HOW TO" resources to review your existing programs or start new ones. The series includes hundreds of selected, edited cases-- ideas, policies and leading practices.

    Ask your webmaster to put them on your intranet for instant access by your staff. There is no charge for this. Once you have them you can search them, read them, download them and use them in any way that suits your needs. Any time.

    Use these resources for Continuing Clinical Education classes or Continuing Competence Learning or program designs or audits. Here are just four examples of what is available.
    1. Designing an Agenda for Change: Building from the Blueprint for Patient Safety at The Hospital for Sick Children.
    2.Patient Safety: Le Groupe Vigilance pour la Scurit des Soins . . .
    Promotion and application of a national policy on patient safety, declaration and disclosure of accidents . . . to reinforce its education program for patients and families.
    3.New Approaches to Improving Patient Safety: Strategy, Technology ...
    . . . and Funding
    4.New COACH eHealth Safety Program: Living the HI Commitment to ... " . . . new program will guide the introduction of leading practices and complement the existing culture of patient safety

    ORDER THE COMPLETE SET OF SIX NOW. More than 750 pages of searchable resources.

    Yes I would like free access to the complete set of six issues of Patient Safety Papers, edited by Dr. Ross Baker. I understand they are completely free. Click here.

    (Longwoods will provide a complete table of contents for each issue using live links. Access is easy and its free. Send the material around or ask your webmaster to load them up on your intranet.)

    This offer is made possible by the generous collaboration of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Accreditation Canada.

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