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Is anyone out there besides me doing HEDIS this year? Last year I was assigned 800+ charts to audit. For probably 400 of those, 3 of us went to the "desert" area to do them. This year I have 1274... Read More

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    I just saw an add for HEDIS in my area and was thinking of going for it. I haven't been doing any nursing at all for about 3 years though. Is that going to be a problem or is it pretty easy. I love paper work, cut and dry, fill in the blank type of jobs. Is that what this is? The pay seems good for the one here and they said it would only be part time-like 3 days/wk. Let me know what kind of stuff you look for in a chart. tia!

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    The company I worked for is no longer in existence which is a bummer. I am in the process of finding a different company who offers the same opportunity. It is a very efficient way to work.
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    I live in the DC area. You can PM about the Hedis project in MD. I have Hedis experienance. Thanks
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    beware of this company, outcomes, inc (out of virginia), which performs hedis reporting using odis. goes by either or

    i worked for this company for 2 months, using my own resources for such items as: gas, paper, ink, phone calls, faxing, postal, etc. and did not get paid for the majority of time i spent working. i would call daily, keeping in touch w/my field representative, as instructed. i would perform all aspects of the job as outlined in the job description, only to find out someone else would go into the paperwork i sent via computer, and change the information. i would be sent to md offices which would be closed; sent to offices which only had 2 charts out of 30 available; sent to offices which had "hybrid" charts, meaning the field reviewer had to collect both electronic & paper information (this can add an additional day to your one day schedule, and your not paid anything extra for the time, effort, resources used). finally told them i was resigning due to my outgoing expenses, not being paid, company not fulfilling their part of the contract.

    in total, this job cost me approx. $1000 in 2 months, whereas, i was paid only $60.00 for the initial training. i in turn, did not return their laptop nor their scanner. i have kept the lines of communication open w/this company, trying to get the money owed to me, after which, their equipment would be returned. received an e-mail from them stating if their equipment was not returned, they would be contacting my state nursing board to make a complaint against me. today, i just received my w-2 from this company, reporting they paid me $800.00.

    needless to say, shot off another e-mail to them to either pay me, or fix this w-2. one last thing, when i did report i was quitting, they did offer to pay me $30.00/hr vs. $4.00/chart. so, if one does foolishly apply to this company, demand an hourly pay vs. per chart.
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    I worked for Outcomes also and I did not even finish the HEDIS project. I was sent to offices that either had 0-5 charts out of 20 or they had alreay mailed in their abstracts. I also showed up at places that had no idea that I was come and I was turned away. I eventully stopped after finding out that I had been scheduled to go to offices in towns that I had specifically stated that I would not go to. Upon taking the job I decided that I would not drive anywhere that would cause me to spend more in gas than I would actually make. The one good thing is is that I never had any problem getting paid.
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    I have been contacted about doing "Field Reviewer" work for the HEDIS project. I haven't done this before.

    I am a contractor/freelancer (medical writer/editor) who is paid a nice hourly rate -- and I work from home.

    The rate for the HEDIS project is $4.50 per chart. So, from the comments here, is it fair to say I'd be looking at $15-$25 per hour (excluding travel time)? This would be much less than my current rate.

    What I'm wondering is, on average, how many chart reviews should you expect to complete in one hour? What is realistic? I'd love to hear from those of you who have been there and done it!

    Also, these threads have confused me somewhat, because they address different HEDIS positions -- Coders, Abstractors, and Reviewers. I am inquiring specifically about the Reviewer work.

    And any other advice about HEDIS is welcome and greatly appreciated!

    Thanks a bunch!
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    The length of time that it takes to review a chart depends on what you are looking for, how organized the chart is and how many pages you have to sort through. I will never work on a Hedis project where I get paid per chart again. I did it once and it was not worth my time. I was frequently sent to offices that did not have all the charts that I was sent to review. Or sometimes I would have a chart on my list for a measure that did not even apply to the person ie: looking for diabetic info on a pt w/ no record of having diabetes. Now I will only work on assignments that pay per hour. At least $30/hr which is not hard to find in the Washington DC area.
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    hi can lpns do hedis and if so how do you get training for it
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    Yes, most companies allow all levels of medical experience, I believe 1 lady in my class was a MA.

    The company doing the reviews is generally who does the class for same.

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    thank you so much for such a prompt response

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