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  1. 0 Hello,I dont know if im at the right forum for this,bu I have a qustion about becoming a nurse profusionist. I know I have to have a BSN,and a program is 2 years.But what are the the prequs for going into this field? Like I know to be a CRNA,a bsn and a minimum of 1 year working in ICU/PACU/surgICU plus having ACLS,PALSect and how do IO find about the schools.Thank y'all.
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    overview of cardiac perfusion careers:

    cardiac perfusionists are not doctors, or nurses. cardiac perfusion is an allied health career. a cardiac perfusionist, also known as a certified clinical perfusionist (ccp), is a specialized medical professional who operates what you may know as the “heart-lung” machine. the heart lung machine keeps a patient’s blood pumping, and basically takes the place of the patient’s heart, while open-heart surgery is taking place. cardiac perfusion is needed for a variety of surgeries including organ transplant, heart bypass, and other cardiac surgeries. they also involved in ecmo (extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation).

    education: bachelors or masters degree awarded depending on program perfusion training programs

    mayo clinic: cardiovascular perfusionist career overview


    the american academy of cardiovascular perfusion

    the perfusion home page
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    Thanks for getting back with me about profusionist.But let me ask you,I will need some experence in the medical field,plus ,a BS degree,can I move into there with a BSN and working in ICU?
    Thank you.