1. 0 Any TB Clinic/home visit nurses want to tell me about their day? I start in my state's TB clinic in June and just wanted to get a general idea from some who does PHN.

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    Hi! I wouldnt really consider myself a TB PHN, but I do some TB. I am a Nurse supervisor in a rural health dept so we do a little bit of it all. I used to be scared to death of "learning" TB. After 8 years in the Health Dept, I am finally realizing it is not so bad. Just last week we had a new TB case. He was hospitalized, so i made a visit to the hospital to get a list of contacts, get consents for treatment signed and get a general history. We have an outreach worker who actually does our DOTs so once we get a case established, we only have to see the TB client once a month. UNLESS there are problems and or questions. We have had some cases that were great.....they were appreciative of our efforts to help them and were compliant. Then we have had some we would have to hunt down, even when they were house bound. One of those ended up in the TB hospital in the Carolinas where basically he was in jail. I hope you have good experiences!!!
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    Thanks for your comment! I'm so excited to start! :spin:

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