public health nurses w/ master's degree. is this necessary?

  1. I have been a mother-baby/antepartum nurse for four years now, and I want to transition public health. Mostly because I'm tired of being in a hospital. I have one year left in my MPH program and wondering what kinds of jobs I should be looking at.

    I like the idea of the NFP programs around the country because I'd still be working with moms and babies. Also a lot of the public health nurses on here seem very satisfied with their positions. I kinda feel dumb about getting the MPH because I could have worked with NFP with just my BSN. So I'm hoping to maybe use my MPH to become an educator.

    Are there any PHNs out there who also teach? If not, what are PHNs' hours like, and do you think it would be possible to work as a PHN and teach on the side?

    Also, what kind of positions are available for master's prepared PHNs other than direct-care or teaching should I also consider? I'm really not interested in management (I feel like I'll be babysitting adults).
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  3. by   wish_me_luck
    Look on your state's website for job listings at the health department. I am planning on getting my MPH and I am excited. That's usually what public health employers are looking for because it teaches public health specifically. If you are not happy, then maybe public health isn't what you want and maybe teaching is?

    There have been postings for public health jobs that I have seen for public health nurses that do OB/GYN teaching and deal with new mothers. PHNs that work in health depts usually have 8-5, Monday-Friday schedule. So, you may be able to do an evening clinical or class teaching. It would depend on where you teach and everything. I know that nursing clinical instructors are in demand and sometimes, class room instructors. The thing is, you have to have a degree above what you are teaching. The only exception is doctorate's.

    RNs (ADN/BSN) can teach LPNs
    Master's prepared nurses can teach BSN/ADN and LPNs
    Doctorate prepared nurses can teach Doctorate's, Master's, BSN/ADN, LPNs

    I hope that helps a little.
  4. by   tmjRN
    This helped a lot. I've been working in-patient and I'm hoping public health would be a better fit for me. I know that working in public health is a pay cut, and I'll be in a lot of debt after my MPH, so I was hoping teaching would also supplement my income. I've enjoyed precepting new nurses, so I'm considering teaching as another option. I have a little bit of time before I graduate, but I just to start looking into what options I had that combine nursing, public health, and maybe education.

    Best of luck with your MPH program ;-)