PHN pay- what do you do?

  1. Hey everyone! I just received my public health nurse certificate in the mail and have already applied to a couple PHN positions and I am so excited!

    Im getting close to my one year anniversary as an RN in acute care, and have decided that at this point, acute care is not for me. I've worked in public health before as a counselor and I loved it, but I know that while the benefits are great, the pay as a PHN overall (and as I advance in my career) will not be as high as in acute care. I've come to accept this and, but my question is:

    Are you able to make ends meet with a PHN salary? My husband and I would eventually like to start a family, and I'm wondering if the pay difference makes it difficult for PHNs to have some financial freedom. Do any of you PHNs have second jobs? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   sergel02
    I know in my county they start around $70,000 and eventually cap at $100,000. That's for a California county job.