PHN Interview, What to expect?

  1. Hello All Community,
    I have PHN Interview very soon. Can someone give me a few pointers or at least information on what to expect. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks and have a great day!!
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  3. by   jcg7rn
    Hi, I'm don't really have any feedback, but I'm kind of in the same boat. I also have a phn interview coming up. Did you have your already? If so, how did it go? what county was it for? what kind of questions did they ask you?

  4. by   nurseart
    I know it has been a little while since this post but I have had two PHN interviews (in Virginia) the second one was just today so I thought I would answer.

    The interviews were similar, 2-3 panelist reading questions from a list that both you and the interviewers have a copy of. Then they write down your answers, so making eye contact was difficult. The first section of questions are background/definition/philosophy types of questions. Such as: how do you define public health? what is a public health nurse to you? what are some public health challenges in this community and how would you address it? Then there is a section of scenario questions. The scenario questions are clinical and often have to do with priority setting. For example, "you walk into work and A, B, C, and D is happening. What would you do, in what order, and why".

    I noticed that both of the interviews asked very little about my background or current position.