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Hi. I have applied to a PHN position & am crossing fingers for an interview. Do you have any advice as far as websites to brush up on PH issues? Any common interview scenario type questions that I can prep for? I interviewed for... Read More

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    Quote from kona2
    Sadly, I don't think I'm even going to get an interview. I just received a generic email from the county HR stating I ranked 8 on the employment list and they typically interview for the top 3-5. So disappointed! I really think Public Health would be a good fit for me. I have been watching the county website for openings for over 2 years and I had hoped this was my lucky break. Thanks for your feedback. I still find this area very interesting!
    Oh no! Well hopefully you get an interview anyway. My employer had a stack of about 10 prospective employees and I interviewed on the first day, and they had interviews the following week so I had to wait a week and some days to hear back. Don't lose hope!

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    Sorry. Keep looking -it will happen!
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    I hope you get an interview anyway! 8 out of what, I wonder. I can't say I've ever been ranked by a potential employer. Hit reply and tell them how you ranked them.
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    Thanks everyone! I was feeling so hopeful, since they had several openings. Maybe I will keep a tiny glimmer of hope for another week or two. Maybe by some miracle I will get a call. Thanks for your kind words. It is the type of nursing I would LOVE to do. :-)
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    Update: Looks like I might get an interview!! I have to call next week. Fingers crossed! It would be a dream opportunity for me. But, it's tough competition out here. Please think good thoughts & send well wishes.
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    When I got interviewed, I met with a 3 person panel with set pre-planned questions. Questions such as:
    What draws you to Public Health?
    Tell me a time when you were able to persuade someone reluctant to change (a co-worker, patient, MD, etc) to see things a certain way.
    Tell me of a time when you had to display leadership skills.

    And of course, the perennial favorite of interview questions: Tell me of a a difficult situation with a patient, co-worker, MD, etc. and how you were able to come to a resolution.

    There were a couple other ones that I can't remember, but those stand out. I was very nervous and didn't think I'd get called back, but I must've done something right because I got the job!
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    Thanks Tinderbox. Glad you got the job! I'm going to call and set up the interview this week.
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    Hi everyone. Good news...I am in process of multiple interviews! I have a few questions about specialization in PH & wondering if my background will allow me to succeed in these areas of interest. If you apply for PHN I in an area for which you don't have professional experience, can you succeed in PH in the new area (by drawing on your transferable skills?) I interviewed for an area that interests me, and that I don't have much experience professionally, but want to make sure I would do well there. Many positions I am applying for are autonomous, and I would have to do self study to catch up to speed in the new area clinically. These are all PHN I positions, but in children's and maternal/child programs, and my background is strong for adult medicine. I am very interested in the new areas, but want to know if I would need a strong background in maternal/child or peds to do well, or if I could learn on the job having been an experienced acute care medicine RN for over a decade? What is your experience? I am very excited, but also want to do well if I am lucky enough to be offered a position. Should I stick with the adult PHN programs, or can I successfully move into the other areas? Thanks!
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    Just want to check with OP to see if you got that job and how you like it so far?
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    Hi sourapril. I did get the job & I love it! Thanks for asking.

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