BSN or MPH? Advice please - thank you :)

  1. Hello,

    I have been an RN for nearly 2 years, working in med surg and Acute rehab. I like rehab because of all of the education we do, but I don't want to work in a hospital forever. I am having a baby soon and in a few years would like to have a "normal" work schedule. I am interested in Public Health because of the education involved, because it is such a benefit to the community and because I like the atmosphere (I was volunteering there before getting pregnant - just doing clerical work)

    My background - BA in English and years of working as a technical writer. Then, AS in nursing and above experience. I was wondering if it makes more sense for me to get my BSN and pursue a nurse job in PH or get my MPH? Both are good options for me as they are both on-line through FIU here in South Florida. The BSN would be good because it gives direct clinical experience in public health, but is it necessary? With an MPH would I still be doing a job with contact with people? Because I want to do patient care/education.

    Thank you for input - just trying to figure out the different PH roles and how to get there
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  3. by   Simply_KiZmet
    The best advice I could give would be to look at the job descriptions at the health department. Figure out which job/role you'd be most interested in and look at the education requirements.... I know in the state of Georgia some jobs require a BSN, and then others require an MSN or MPH. For my position as a PH Nurse(entry level), the minimum requirements were RN license & one year of experience.... If it's the same in your state, then maybe you could get an entry level nursing position while working on the MPH.
  4. by   Elle_Guerira
    It really depends on the county's public health program as to what responsibilities the PHN partakes in. In LA County, an entry-level public health nurse needs to possess a BSN and public health certificate. Having an MPH will definitely open opportunities in managerial positions. I'm not sure how it is in Florida, but it's best to look at your county's HR webpage and clue in to the PHN's job description. Best of luck!