Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Psych Patients - page 4

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Psych Patient? Whenever I tell people I use to be a psych nurse, I usually get one of two reactions. “That’s so interesting—tell me more.” Or, far more often—“Yikes! Psych freaks me out. I... Read More

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    Where I live and work yes only RN's are hired. They used to hire LPN's but have since stopped. The LPN's still there are care provideres and are not allowed to do any nursing duties at all. However this applies to inpatient units only. LPN's are hired for sub acute detox and in ECT.

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    This article was excellent! Psych is great (although I am biased because it is my passion ) Someone mentioned something about psych patients not wanting to talk to them...my 2nd nursing class in my program was Psychosocial foundations and we learned how to listen and ask open ended questions. A lot of the time patients will talk to you, and then a lot of times they won't and you have to know how to get them to open up and talk using certain strategies of communication.
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    Anyone can have or develope mental health issues noone is beyond it

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