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    I have applied to a facility for adolescents. I come from a background of peds private duty. Some of those pts had psych issues, but I have no experience with pts in a facility. What is a typical day like? What is a normal staffing ratio? What are typical shifts? What red flags should I look for if I get an interview? I've been searching the threads on here and haven't found many answers. I saw one about dress code. What should I expect for dress code? Do most facilities give lots of training on de-escalating situations and how to protect the pt and myself in a violent situation? Is there a high turnover? What is pay like? Benefits? I'm in NC. Thanks!

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    I started out in adolescent psych and I LOVED it. I work in a fantastic facility with great staff training, so I feel very comfortable there. As for adolescent psych...think of a crowded high school hallway. Lots of different things going on at once - mood swings, temper tantrums, whatever you want to call it, drama is pretty rampant on adolescent psych wards. As long as you have enough staff (I work on a floor where there are usually 2 RN's and 2-3 MHC's to 15 patients during the day) and their training is thorough, it is an excellent job. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

    - Pita
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    Thanks! The comparison to high school makes sense. Still waiting to hear back from the hospital.

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