Wearing Scrubs in a psych clinic?

  1. Hi all, I'm an LPN and work in an outpatient psychiatric clinic, giving IM's. The clinic is part of the larger psych hospital, and is on the 8th floor. I know that professional clothing is required when working INPATIENT PSYCH, but there is nothing written in stone for my outpatient clinic. I find scrubs so much more comfortable than business attire, and personally I am tired of wearing business clothes and shoes!! The upkeep of these clothes (dry cleaning, etc.) is more expensive than wearing scrubs. Plus, I have an enormous collection of scrubs (some still brand new) from when I worked in a nursing home. I'm curious to know, would it be out of place for me to wear scrubs? Or do they expect me to wear business attire because we are actually part of the hospital?
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  3. by   Whispera
    Different places do things differently. Did you see other people wearing scrubs when you interviewed there? The only ones who can answer this for sure are those that already work there...
  4. by   EMcGrady
    Talk to a supervisor and go over the polices and procedures