Transfering from Oncology to Psych?

  1. Hello All!

    I am a new RN and have worked in Oncology for a year. I have applied for a job transfer within the same hospital to psych and have been offered the job, but I keep going back and forth with my decision and any help would be appreciated. First of all, let me say, the main reason I am leaving Oncology is the stress and high acuity causing me anxiety. I'm looking for a more laid-back unit and psych seems to be a good option. I went and shadowed for a day and enjoyed it, found it was pretty chill. The patients were all great while I was there, though I know they sometimes will have outbursts due to their illnesses I did not see it. I would love to hear from anyone who has been very stressed by their med-surg or oncology floor and possibly went to psych or psych nurses. Despite my personal anxiety, I've easily been able to help my patients with anxiety, in fact understand them better I believe so that isn't an issue.

    Anyone with any comments, would love to hear! Thanks SO MUCH!!!
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  3. by   Jaade
    When I first started in psych nursing, I worried a lot about saying the wrong thing to a pt. It can be more laid back than med/surg, but when it is bad, it is really, really bad. Psych is definitely not for everyone.

    What kind of patients are on your BHU?
  4. by   Hygiene Queen
    Quote from Jaade
    but when it is bad, it is really, really bad
    Psych is like The Little Girl with a Curl, Right in the Middle of Her Forehead...
    When she was good... she was very very good...
    But when she was bad... she was rotten!