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Please help answer this if you can as I've been reading everything with no real answer. Is there any LEGAL time limit on how long a patient remains in open door Time Out room.... Read More

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    I just finally made my mind up that I have to call & report to company. I KNOW it isn't legal and I can't go with my head in the sand anymore just cause it makes me uncomfortable to speak up. Just have to push it.
    I keep hearing "WELL WE HAVE A DR"S ORDER!"....
    Like a Dr is always RIGHT! Esp. abt rules/reg's. ha ha
    One would think as many times as we've had to clarify orders/get them to rewrite orders for some reason/people would know DR's
    "PRACTICE" medicine. They are not certainly are not always in the know OR right!
    Thanks everyone. Least I got to vent while making my mind up how to stop it! LOL

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    I would also suggest you start looking for another job to get out of Dodge, because in case it ever comes out that you were the one who called to report it, you'll be a marked nurse.

    Best of luck.
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    I've learned the hard way that I'm not going to change the S/R climate of an institution. If their policies are too far out to sea I just move on. Keep a good reference and leave the door open for when things change (and they will). Good luck, it's not easy out there.
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    Good luck

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