Reviewing potential admissions?

  1. 0 Wondering if this is something that other facilities my current job, the nurses (usually whomever is charge) is responsible for reviewing and presenting potential patients to the MD. These can be patients either in our ER or from other facilities/hospitals. It can get hairy, because we have to consider insurance/funding/medicare vs. medicaid, county funding, backup insurance (none of which I feel qualified to do). Of course this is all in addition to reviewing labs, presenting psych problem, medical history, etc.

    Now my first job was at a psych-only facility, so of course there we had a dedicated admissions department. Now I am at a psych unit within a regular hospital, so I'm wondering if this is typical of other psych units within acute-care hospitals?

    (can you tell I don't like doing this?)
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    It is at the hospital near me.....the nurses do exactly what you said you are doing now.

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