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Psychiatric Unit Staffing

  1. 0 Can anyone provide national or regional staffing 'benchmarks' for psychiatric units? I was asked to research this by my supervisor. I work at a psychiatric unit in Louisiana. Thanks!
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    I'm in California, so staffing is heavily influenced by state law. I believe it's a ratio of 1:6 for inpatient psych.

    You could try dropping the APNA (American Psych Nurses Association) a note to see if they can help. Home - American Psychiatric Nurses Association
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    I walked on unit and checked assignments, 2 RN to work after 12 hr crew left. 26 pts tons. HS and prnsMix of dual Dx. Mood d/o and Thought d/o. Pretty wild. 2.aides. Not techs. Staffing...ha. I felt sick. Burst into tears, never did that in 35 yrs of RN, had to go home. Couple angels stayed. We made it. Usually have 3 RNs for complete shift 1-2 aidesSecurity and wanding safety checks of entire unit incl areas not in use q15, group, 1:1, and tx plans, charting. Hoping computers stay live. Most of aall keeping everyone safe. I am no longer loving this. I feel empty. Same patients for yrs. Thinking of Psych homecare. Anyone?
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    It's the rare day that we have "core coverage" = 1:8 for techs, 1:18 for RN, 1:24 for LPN, 1:3 for line of sight, 1:1 and 2:1 for :-)
    Numbers are lower for night, weekend, and holiday shifts.
    As far as I know there is no state standard.
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