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Hello! I am currently studying to take the certification exam for psychiatric-mental health nurse through the ANCC. Has anyone taken this test? Was it horribly difficult? Was there alot of focus... Read More

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    I took it about a year ago. I thought it was pretty easy and probably "over studied" for it. It was a lot of theorists if I remember correctly. But a lot of it was common sense stuff you use every day. I used the ANCC book, and followed the outline on the website.

    I work at a magnet hospital and certification helps if you want to move up the clinical ladder. And my hospital reimburses too.
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    I took it in October. Meds, learning theories, Family therapy theories, cognitive therapy. Pretty broad based exam. Reminded me of the N-Clex, tough questions but score to pass is not high.
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    What book did you use to prepare for the test?
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    I am getting ready to take the exam soon, any new info that would be helpful, I would appreciate.
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    Me too. I don't like the ANCC book; I think there is better value with two other books. The test does not appear to be all that difficult, though I haven't taken it yet.
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    Thanks,I am studying, and paying more attention to lab values, and the meds. I got 2 review test type books from my hospital library. My hospital reimburses $300 of test price, and a bonus of $500. each year. Also, since they are firing nurses for not having a BSN in 10 years, thought it would be a good idea to bone up.
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    I like Victoria Mosack's book. I plan on taking the exam sometime in November. I also purchased Gaylord's psych nursing for the NCLEX. I fall short in Therapies and drugs.
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    Quote from carolineaji
    International Trained Mental nurse
    Would you have information regarding international trained psychiatric nurse job opportunities in Alberta. Qualified 2 years ago and has been practicing since. Need to relocate to Alberta re: hubby's job. How do I go about getting job? I know i need to register with the nursing board.
    U will need to take the Canadian boards.
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    I am panning on taking the certification exam does anyone have this manual that they are willing to sell. I would also buy the
    2nd edition if anyone has it.
    Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Review & Resource Manual, 3rd Edition.