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Hello, I may be starting at a UHS facility soon. I am looking for advice on the pay scale in terms of base pay, shift differential, LPN vs RN pay, weekend pay, etc. I am also interested to hear about benefits. I... Read More

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    We have NO union at our UHS hospital....the benefits have gotten better....cheaper from what I can see happening, so that is one good thing...

    I must agree with we seem to be taking any and everyone that has matter what their medical condition is........
    they seem to be under pressure to admit everyone.........that scares me....

    we have had a heavy turnover of doctors of late, that scares me also.

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    Great so far. We were PSI, now UHS. More PTO, more staff, and better guidelines that actually DO something on the unit as opposed to just meeting minimal standards to pass inspections. Better benefits, and FINALLY a matching 401K. It's looking up!
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    Hi Mishira,

    Can you tell me more about your experience at the UHS-Pruitt? Do they have shift differential/weekend premiums?

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