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I work on a medical psych unit, and a patient reported me to the nurse manager, I feel horrible about it. He said I was incompetent and started pointing at me in front of everyone, which caused me to feel incredibly embarrassed.... Read More

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    This might sound harsh but get used to it. I worked inpt psych for years and now am a Psych NP and I have gotten called pretty much everything. Its part of the job that patients are not going to like you. Dont take it personally remember they are there for a reason. Also remember you are there for another reason and being their friend is not one of them.
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    Don't let it get to you! My second day as a CNA a resident complained that I was too slow and then requested somebody else to take care of her. When I told the person in charge she told me the resident is always like that and to tell her that I'm new and had to learn. If the person in charge made a face like she was annoyed with the patient she probably already has difficulties with that patient and doesn't blame you. Don't take it personally.
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    oh, goodness. like the others said...get used to it! i know it can still suck when a patient doesn't like you....even if they think they are the king of england and that they're about to give birth to a baby that doesn't exist...we still expect them to like us because we are great and that's what any LOGICAL person would do!! keyword being logical.

    i've had a few patients who thought i was someone that they knew from their past...a daughter or a sister. sometimes, they may not like you simply because it's impossible to like everyone! other times they may not like you because they are delusional and mistake you for someone they had a negative experience with. it IS a psych unit! you might even find that the patient who caused you so much stress this one day won't even remember who you are tomorrow..for future reference.

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