Oregon State Hospital where to start as a new grad

  1. Hi,
    I'm a new grad and I'm getting hired on as mental health RN at Oregon State Hospital. I was wondering if I could be any advice on where to start. I've been offered to work possibly: medic unit, 50e (with Allens scale 3-4), or the Flower units with men or women of Access Level 1-2. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   EMcGrady
    I mean Axis 1-2 ...opps
  4. by   Rick2869
    Be very leery of the culture and the state of apprehension at the hospital.

    1. Impending labor negotiations
    2. DOJ scrutiny and possible consent decree
    3. Possibility of many mandated shifts
    4. Unbelievable amount of management layers
  5. by   slice20
    Do you work there now? I have an interview on Thursday. Do you like it?
  6. by   Rick2869
    I do not know where you are interviewing and what program you will be in. Just read the original posting of mine and know that it holds for every ward. The mandating part will apply differently per ward or program.
  7. by   slice20
    I was actually wondering how the new grad liked her job.
  8. by   SimplisticRnx
    Hi EMcGrady. How are you liking your job now? I have my interview next week for a new grad position and would love your input on what to expect at the interview. What kind of questions do they ask you? Do you need to know certain meds? more info would be great. Thanks