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I had an argument with a collegue, I am not a psychiatric nurse rather a pediatric nurse. What do you do when you see 2 schizophrenic patients having sex? will you stop them? or let them because... Read More

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    Can I chime in from a bit of a different viewpoint? I was admitted on a mental health unit, sharing a room with a young lady just diagnosed with schizophrenia. It was July, she had the window bed, bright sunshine, curtain between us. She and another one of the patients engaged in intercourse a few times in the week I was there. My problem was hearing what was going on and the first time I was seeing the shadows on the curtains. (I learned never to look that way again...) I was not allowed off the unit, and it was a very small unit with limited out of room places to sit (otherwise I would have been out of there like a shot) so I didn't have much choice about places to go. I did mention it to the staff, they asked her, she denied it, and it was suggested that perhaps I was trying to create trouble with my room mate? They told her if it was true to stop, but she didn't. One I had off unit priviledges, I spent as much time as I could away from there. It was very uncomfortable and I really felt like either she (or her partner) should have been given a private room or I should have been moved out of that room.
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    It is not allowed on our unit either. If these patients are on the behavior medicine unit it is usually for a reason- they are not capable to make good choices at the time! If they are not able to make good choices at the time- how are they capable of making the choice to have sex? I realize that this is a physiological reaction, however staff needs to help our psychiatric patients with their judgement and insight.
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    The sex would be stopped in our facility. They have the right to have sex, but their ability to consent is impaired.

    We have one little lady who is a total wild-cat. Doesn't matter. She's the aggressor.
    Trying to blow people...fondle the males. Once she told me that I was pretty. Then, she turned to the nurse and nudged her head in my direction, "You could get a lotta money for that one..."
    Trust, if we allowed it? She's be the giddy conductor of a 40 man choo-choo train.
    ...but just because she's willing and the men are as well doesn't mean that we allow her to act out in such a manner. It doesn't mean that we allow this activity to go on.
    It's important to consider that...while it's all her? Her 'sexy moods' are also a manifestation of her illness.

    We do have 1 couple in the building. They sit together and eat their meals together.
    They're 'with it', though. One is on the 'Resident Council'. It appears to be a union that's non-consummated.
    A companionship sort of thing.

    Also, my facility is geri-psych - but every woman of childbearing age is on birthcontrol. It's a precaution.