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  1. I have just finished a interview for a nurse extern position and expressed my interest of doing it for Psych. I have allows been interested in Behavioral health, and Neuroscience. I was just wondering if there anything I could do to get ready for this position? Any advice someone could give because after this externship is over I plan on staying in this department and one day becoming a DNP in mental health. Thanks
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  3. by   ladycj
    I got the job!! Its on the geriatric floor I am very excited just wondering what do I need to brush up on, any pointers would be appreciated this is a area that I have always wanted to be in and I want to make the best of this opportunity. Also if I can get a e-mentor of some sort that can help me transition and with advice that would be really great, I know there is a lot of experience of this forum. Thank you
  4. by   What-a-Web
    Hi, Lady I am in the same position as you just starting this week. I have been reading some of these post, I see you have not got any replies so I just wanted to say congrats toward starting your goal. There does not seem to be much activity in this area on here. Hopefully someone with a little more experience will answer your questions and help you out. I see some other specialities get a lot more feedback I am just hoping this is not what it is like when we start working on the floor. Keep me informed on how it is going for you.