New at Charging - Need Tips

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    I am new at charging - 1 yr on psych unit & starting to charge here & there. I have been working on trying to fill unit + keep up with all the rest of meds, prn's, group & documentation along with the immediate escalations & NOW orders. Needless to say - I am overwhelmed. Sometimes I end up in tears out of frustration of managing phone intakes & the unit while short staffed (which is why I am charging). I got bulleted with questions from tech about pt. that was becoming agitated (did I know, what was I doing about it, what were we giving him, when were we going to get it, he's getting worse, you better get it) - while I was trying to get orders for 2 other pts. & questioned on them also, all the while phone is ringing & I'm trying to answer phone (I wanted to tell her I didn't see how I was to be answering to her about medications & every detail that I was doing) it really got to me & I ended up biting her head off later over something unrelated that was a complete misunderstanding on my part. I am not so experienced that I am fully confident & still end up automatically answering & allowing myself to get flustered & ******. 2nd nurse was busting her butt too - but she has a F it attitude that I just can't do. I have a hard time deligating my workload / patients onto the other nurse who has just as many as me just because I'm trying to work intake calls too. So my question to you all who are experienced ---- Does anyone have good tips to help me keep from being so overwhelmed? I really don't want to do another day like this & am at my wits end!
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