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  1. 0 I'm moving to nj soon but I want to find a job first. I'm having trouble finding per diem work thru agencies. I'm using a national agency now; can anyone recommend a smaller agency that offers a lot of psych nursing prn work? Also, does anyone know if any hospitals are hiring now? Thanks for your help!
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    How much experience do you have? I'm referring to both experience as a nurse in general and experience specific to psych nursing.
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    A little over 1 year of nursing experience, all in psych.
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    NJ is a big state, borders a bunch of others. Don't know exactly where you want to be, or if you'll be near enough to another state to cross over to go to work.

    The best I can offer is to go to the official U.S. government site for Medicare

    Go to the hospital section, enter the zip code for where you want to be, and a list of all the hospitals within a selected radius will pop up.

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