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    I'm looking for suggestions to help me land my first psych RN job. I know the job market out there is tough for new grads and frequently on AllNurses I see people suggest that new grads should do more than just apply online and fax resumes. I've seen suggestions to skip the HR department and go to the unit the new grad has interest in and try to talk to the nurse manager. I'm not sure that would work for psych facilities though. I did my psych rotation at a state facility on a locked unit so I know there's no way I can just walk up to that unit. I passed NCLEX last Thursday and have just begun my job search. I know it may take some time. Would appreciate any tips and suggestions.

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  3. by   Pedal
    Hi. It may be a long search or a short one for your first job depending. I may have made life tough for myself post-grad/licensure by looking far and wide rather than in my own back yard. Go with the network you have to land your first job. I think after you get experience 1-2 years it will be much easier to find jobs through the posts online. But don't waste your time. I probably sent in somewhere between 100-200 app's during 10 months of fruitless searching until I landed a job through a friend and his family contact at a psych hospital. In fact I got the job offer as I was filling out the application! It can be brutal for new grads right now as you probably know. Lesson learned: start from where you are and who you know.
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