had an interview, got the job offer, now what? - page 2

so i had an interview at a children's psychiatric hospital run by new york state. in short, the interview went great, i was offered the full-time position exactly a week later, and have never heard... Read More

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    I work for a state government agency, and we tell people during the interview process that hiring takes a while. Experience has taught us that it generally takes 6-8 weeks for our HR department to process everything and notify applicants, and we let applicants know. HR is understaffed and they have a lot to take care of, so there are legitimate reasons for this.

    If this agency is anything like mine, the issue is already out of the hands of the people actually offering the job and in the hands of people who have to perform the mundane parts of the hiring process. I wouldn't be surprised if your interviewer cannot answer your question.
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    I would call again, government positions take a while (yay bureaucratic processes) BUT that being said, the fact that they didnt call you and at least keep you abreast of what is happening is really not a great sign. proceed with caution.

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