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Hello all! I am a recent grad and just got hired in a state facility. I was my first choice because I had done clinical work in this facility and enjoyed my time. I have one, albeit serious concern though. Security,... Read More

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    Thanks! Most things I am not so worried about, I feel like I am basically capable of handling myself, I'm no small lady, but I didn't think to ask about the camera situation.

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    You might have gotten me wrong. I'm not a tough guy. It's not about whether you could do any of a number of things on your own, except in the final defense of your life or serious disability/loss of limbs. The rest of it matters whether there are cameras there or not.

    I think you'll understand more once you have a couple years under your belt. I'm not sure my list would have made much sense to me on my first day.

    There were morbidly obese elderly women who worked maximum security with me. They had a grandmotherly crook to their pointer finger and could back down the most violent offenders when they would have taken my head off.
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    Well I work on a locked down Psych unit, and this most important thing is SAFETY. I have seen staff get hurt in Psych, but the times that this happened the staff instigated the fight. In Psych you have to set boundries, but at the same time these types of client's still need to be treated with respect. I have heard at other hospitals were staff members were beaten to death or even killed. I feel on Psych that you have to know your clients, and understand that they have have the potential to blow up. So always try to be safe.
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    It depends where you work I guess. In my experience though the state facilities tend to have more issues with security as far as people getting hurt. I work in a decent sized (about 130 beds) non-profit mental health hospital and usually when we can't handle a Pt we send them to the state hospital. I have worked at my job for 2.5 years and have never been hurt once (knock on wood). Unless you count when I work on the Older Adult Psych unit, but I don't count that because I have been hit by Dementia Pt's NOT in the psych lockdown unit. I think it just comes with the territory in Dementia sometimes. If you do end up getting hurt on the job I would say try not to take it personally and remember you are working with some very sick individuals. Who knows what they are perceiving at that moment. We had a Pt once who saw evil flying monkeys trying to harm him when he looked at anybody, you had to be very careful in how you approached this Pt, just for an example.

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