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  1. Hey everyone, i have recently been accepted into a couple of PMHNP programs but I've narrowed my top choices down to Columbia and Vanderbilt. However, i'm having a tough time deciding between the two.

    What aspects about programs did you look at to help you decide which school to go to? Has anyone graduated from any of those two schools? If so could you tell me your experiences.

    How's the job outlook for PMHNP's? was it hard to find your first job? What kind of places do you work at?

    I know it's a lot of questions but I would appreciate any feedback, or advice anyone has to offer
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  3. by   prison_nurse
    Hi Big Moses!

    I don't know if I can be of much help, but here goes.

    I already had a masters degree so I was looking for a post-masters only. I looked online for distance learning programs because I really don't have time to go to campus. Then I filtered by price. Those which were way out of budget came off my list. Then I looked at number of credit hours required. Lastly, look for school reviews.

    I think the job outlook really depends on the geographical region and funding of community health in your area. Searching online for jobs does not bring up and awful lot of job opportunities. There is a Facebook page for psychiatric nurse practitioners which often has postings for PMHNP. They seem to be normally in the NW and NE.

    It wasn't hard to get my first job (correctional setting) because I already worked in the department. It was actually harder to find preceptors. I had to use the same person for both practicums because all the community health centers did not want to use students.

    I think the easiest way to find a job is to try to do your practicums in the setting you would like to work. I think it's very competitive out there, and it helps for prospective employers to know you as a student.
  4. by   newtinmpls
    I looked for psych programs and found very few. I live in MN, so the easiest ones to get to were U of M, and The College of St. Scholastica. The College of St. Scholastica had fewer hopes & didn't require a GRE, so I applied, they accepted me and I'm now coming to the end of year one. I'm a distance student (online) and really enjoying it.