confused about what i can post, newbie! ;)

  1. hi, I'm new here but it looks really good
    I'm just wondering, a lot of people are describing their working environment and venting, asking advice etc which i think is great...however i recently got told off by another forum/site for asking for advice and explaining a nursing situation, i didn't name names or say anything that isn't common knowledge on all wards, however they said i was risking my registration and should delete the post or i could be struck off! I have seen people on here post much more detailed information and just wondered what boundaries and things their are and is it ok to talk about work?
    I said that our ward/team has had a few drug errors and was asking how other wards deal with it as we are struggling to find a solution and that patients often distract us during meds rounds..i also said we are short staffed and its being ignored, is this ok? I'm confused..
    Thanks, hope i can join the site and not get fired in the process!
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  3. by   AngelicDarkness
    Doesn't sound that bad to me - I've posted on overtime before, and with no details, I'm sure its not going to get your fired. That being said - some advice on the med distractions, what we used to do in my old employment is put up a sign that said something along the lines of unless it was an emergency to please leave the nurse alone when she was at the med cart. It did help I hope your team can find something that helps.