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  1. Hi I work at a psych facility and have for about a year and a half since graduating from nursing school. I actually work on a child unit, but when there are code blues in the hospital 1 nurse from every unit must respond. I recently responded and felt like I didnt know what to do with myself. I ended up doing the recording and did the best I could. What I was wondering was if a doctor or PA isnt present, whose decision is it to give the pt meds (oxygen, aspirin, nitro, etc). We have psychiatrists in the building usually..would they order it? Can nurses make that call if a dr is or isnt around? a PA? I feel embarassed asking because I should know this, but i havnt been involved in code situations before so Im not sure. I definitely want to take the time to familiarize myself with our crash cart and review my kn0wledge of oxygen administration, but are there any other tips you can give me?? This code I recently responded to was for an adult, but I work with kids. Any tips on responding to a child in a code situation?? Thank you!
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  3. by   DeBerham
    Take ACLS and PALS. Seriously, if you're expected to respond to codes you should have this training and your workplace should be paying for it. Your section should have a set of standing orders in place which delineates what you can and cannot do. Generally defibrillation, ASA, NTG, and O2 should be included. If you have MDs in the building I would wait before pushing cardiac meds (and if you are staffed with psychiatrists your first order of business should be to call EMS and have the patient transported out)