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  1. 1 Taking psych this semester and working on a case study. Putting together the DSM-IV axis sections for the case study together. Given long pt history and story. Main point- Pt has Bipolar I diagnosis. Also mentions in "medical history" that pt has "situational anxiety". Would situational anxiety be an Axis III condition? Thanks for any help.
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    What is supposed to be on Axis III? Look in your textbook. That will tell you what things go on the axis. Then you'll be able to figure it out. If it's not in your text, look online for the DSM-IV or DSM-IV TR and Axis. It's there. I just found it easily.

    I'm a psych instructor. The assignment is to get you to understand how the psych diagnosis method works. Getting the answers from us, for this, isn't what your instructor intended. He or she wants you to find it yourself. Asking us and using our words doesn't get you to understand it better.
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