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Folks with Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD can often be a challenge on a behavioral health unit. When dealing with BPD, here are some cognitive-behavioral tips: 1. Focus on the here and now, not yesterday or the past.... Read More

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    OMG! Thank you for this! I am a nurse very new to the psych field, and I have had a BPD pt that has focused in on me... I now understand why, where I am letting this pt down, and what I have done that has been helpful! More importantly, I know what to do to help and structure 1:1 time for the future with this patient. Thank you so much!

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    Great article Thunderwolf! I am one of the nurses on my unit that actually enjoys working with people with BPD. The lack of understanding/education about this particular disorder never ceases to amaze me. Knowledge is power, both for the nurse and the patient. Thanks for your words of wisdom!
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    Realized I hadn't ever thanked you for this info! Thank you! I've worked on a lot of units as a psych traveler, and a lot of them didn't know how to deal with patients who had severe borderline personality disorder. Travelers can't just tell them how they do it other places or that they have a better way, but once they had stretched there resources to the point where they needed some direction, I sent them to this link. The ones who followed the basic guidelines had less aggravation overall, and there were times when all of the staff were able to be cohesive enough that a patient got a little better overall and a lot better during that hospital stay.
    Great guide, and the info about what the pt's are trying to accomplish is extremely helpful too.
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    Admission of those Dx of borderline PD should be avoided or brief as it can be counterproductive according to NICE and Project Air Guidelines

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