1. Hello all, this is my final thread of the day, I promise! Here it goes: how many of you are members of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association? If so, do you find the benefits to be worth the price of the membership? I checked into it and saw it was about $135. Just wondering if you feel it is a worthwhile yearly subscription.
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  3. by   Meriwhen
    I'm a member. I find it worthwhile for the networking opportunities, the journal, the discount on ANCC certification, and the educational opportunities. I write off the cost of membership as a work expense on my taxes.
  4. by   prison_nurse
    Being a member of APNA does have some perks for Nurse Practitioners. When I applied to the ANCC for certification as a PMHNP, I saved a lot of money off the price, so it paid for itself. There is some good information on the website along with free CEUs at times.

    I joined as a student years ago but let it lapse after the discount membership expired because I preferred to use the money to subscribe to nursing magazines.

    I think it depends on how you may benefit from the subscription. Take a look at a sample journal on the site, look at the benefits and then make up your mind!

  5. by   Whispera
    Here's another psychiatric nursing organization. I belonged to it for awhile and found the journal interesting. It also led to CEUs and a discount on certification.

    International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses