Why is it so hard to find night shift Private Duty nurses? - page 2

I mean......all four local agencies have been called. They found 1 LPN who was willing to do nights, but who then lied about her peds experience.... Read More

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    Quote from Not_A_Hat_Person
    I work days, but I vastly prefer nights. Hours are hard to come by in my area, and nures who work nights want to hold onto them.
    My company needs private duty night nurses. And they use RN. My case is using round the clock, 12 hour shifts.

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    Quote from caliotter3
    You can only nap if the family and/or patient allow it and you can arouse yourself if needed. If it takes a brigade of clashing cymbal players and drummers to wake you up, best not to do it at all. Also keep in mind that if you ask the family if you can nap you are automatically placing yourself in a lesser light as far as they are concerned. They want someone to monitor their patient. You can sleep at home.
    If I catch a nurse sleeping, he/she will be fired from our case and our agency tends to fire those nurses as well. This is your JOB. People do not get to sleep at work. My child requires constant care. If I could sleep while caring for him, I wouldn't need night nursing. Keep in mind that just like the nurses talk about their cases and the families they work for, the families talk about the nurses! You don't want a bad reputation.
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    Quote from systoly
    I've never heard of shift differential in private duty
    I work private duty and receive a shift differential. Guess I got lucky!

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