What should I do?

  1. Need advice on something I am puzzled about. Thank you in advance for reading!

    Ok I am being oriented for a PDN- part-time job. At the same time, I have been contacted for residency position in an acute care setting. Now I know that getting an interview is not a confirmation for job, but I already have a part-time job and I really do not know if it is ethical to go for another interview. Its probably obvious by now that I prefer hospital job versus PDN. But I am really great full for the PDN that I have now. Like I said, I have just started the orientation. If I move forward with the interview process for the residency program, it will probably take few weeks to a month to land the job (if I get lucky).
    So what do I do?

    I feel really selfish for even considering a new position. I know that agency spends extra money, and family lets you be part of their life, and if I just leave them after all they have done for me, how bad of a person will that make me?

    So, should I turn down the PDN position before moving forward and wasting agency's and family's time and money in the hope that I will probably get the position in the hospital or should I not think about other positions for now because I am already hired and I should be loyal to the employers?

    Please give me some advice.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Don't worry about loyalty, you certainly can't count on it in reverse, from either the agency or the client family. Do what is best for you. I would not quit this job until the other one becomes a reality, and at that time do not quit it unless you can not arrange your schedule to accomodate both. To me that course of action is the correct mix of attention to both self and the client.
  4. by   HealthyNurse
    I agree. The more work experience you gain, the more you will realize that the same loyalty and respect that you show employers (in giving notices, accepting/resigning employment) often does not go the other way. I have seen fellow colleagues layed off with absolutely no notice or prior heads-up that layoffs (in general for the organization) may be coming. You should take care of yourself and ensure your own work satisfaction first because no one is going to do it for you. If you do get the other job offer, just explain to your current employer that you received an unexpected job offer for a position that you believe will be a better fit for you. Be polite and thank them for the opportunity and letting you to be part of the team. It's always hard to give a resignation, but try to remember that it's just business.