the positive becomes a negative

  1. I think these long term PD cases are a very unique type of nursing...taking care of the same patient day in and day out. And sometimes what is initially the "positive" of a certain case can become a "negative"! I have now found this with two different cases I've worked: that initially what I liked about the case, after awhile became what I hated about the case! Anyone else find this?? Or am I just a nut??:icon_roll Like, on my current case the family is super involved which I initially appreciated. But now after 15 months on the case, I feel smothered by the family!!

    I guess some PD cases are short term, and this would not be an issue. But the cases I've been on are long-term. The patient will never recover or improve, and will always require PD nurses. At some point, a nurse has to move on to a new case. If anyone who has done PD for a long time reads this...what is the longest you have ever been on the same case?? I was on one case for about 2 and 1/2 years. There were multiple reasons I left (complicated!) but it sure was tough. Even though it was clearly time for me to move on, I was deeply attached to my little patient....
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  3. by   Lorie P.
    i have been doing pd cases for only 10 months and only 2 cases, but you are right it takes a special nurse to do this kinda of work.

    i found that in my first case that certain things that were the positive did end up the negative. so you are not a " nut" . i understand where you are coming from.
    only wish i could offer more to help!