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just wondering a few things from my fellow private duty rns. do you work for yourself, the state (what state?), an agency? what kind of hours do you work? how did you find your job? what types of patients do you care for? how do... Read More

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    Quote from Wrenslove
    Billy Mae,
    I am not new to nursing, but new to PDN. Hospital nursing have set routines laid out throughout the day for cares and checks. Can you let me know what your routine for a vent case is like-- starting from-- when you walk in the door. I know it sounds silly, but I am super new at this and just want to do well.
    I've only been doing this for about three months but have two non-responsive, vent-dependent cases that I see routinely. I'd imagine that having a responsive vent patient is a lot different. However, I've finally gotten a basic routine down:

    go in, take a visual of the patient to make sure he's not blue or anything, check the Sa02 monitor and the vent settings (the vents we use have very touchy PEEP settings and a wrong PEEP setting can seriously mess up your shift.) From there, it's kind of a decision-tree. If the sa02 isn't where I want it, I get that up - repositioning and oral/nasal suctioning before I mess with trach suctioning, cpt, etc - usually while taking report from mom or the evening nurse if there is one. If the Sa02 is fine, than I get report, do a quick lung/heart/diaper assessment and then sit down to read nursing notes and get started on my own notes.

    I don't know if this is because I work nights with both these patients or what but both kiddos have pretty specific patterns for how the night will progress. I have one who desats like clock work around 3 am and again around 5 am. (But mornings always produce more secretions so...) The good part about a usual day, even with a vent patient, is that the day is tailored around the patient's needs/behaviors/patterns. The hardest part about pdn is figuring out how those days work.

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    We use a mars, tx's, vent, task and duties sheets. Just like anywhere else, but each home is different as to style and efficiency. You are trained to the individual home/case.
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    I see Wisconsin has PHP as an organization to assist PDN's. I am in Illinois, does anyone know of an organization here?
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    I am also wondering the same thing JenMSN!
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    I'm a part time/prn pdn (was full time for 4 years) with an agency in va. We don't have primary cases. All nurses work most cases, so if one calls out any nurse can fill in. Right now we have around 5 peds and 2 adult cases. Some vents, GT, caths. Pretty much what we do. My agency isn't iv certified so we do not do that.

    I currently work in the hospital but couldn't leave my pdn kiddos after switching from LPN to rn, so I had to stay prn. I just love those kids so much. They are near and dear to my heart.

    Neat thread!
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    Quote from JenMSN
    I see Wisconsin has PHP as an organization to assist PDN's. I am in Illinois, does anyone know of an organization here?
    IL has an "Illinois Chapter: National Private Duty Association" (link below) or you can google for it.

    Illinois Chapter: National Private Duty Association - All Private Duty - All The Time - Home Care You Can Trust

    There's another online poster named "HmarieD," who posted about IL private duty licensure awhile back (link posted below). She may have more info on how private duty nursing works in IL. It would be nice to have a similar organization as the one in WI, to be in all states. What a model for other organizations! Thank you WI for trailblazing ahead!
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    Thanks for PM'ing me the link also Jenn55e (I'm not very active on this board so I am not allowed to PM) weird. Anyways Thank you!!!

    Anyways....I am a Registered Nurse. I have 1 case that I have been on for over a year. I care for a vent dependent male who is also a quadriplegic (fractured c1/c2). It's the best job I have ever had. I work every other weekend, and a few days during the week. (shifts vary from 4s,8s and 10s). Other nurses do 12s but I don't like them

    We have a great time watching sports on tv, and when the weather is JUST the right temperature (he is on a vent and his thermoregulation is "broken" as he likes to say)....we like to go out to the bar and he likes to have drinks.

    Seriously where else can you say you go to work, get paid GREAT ($32.69/hr for RN's in WI) you can watch tv, go on facebook, knit/etc.....and go out to the bar or the fair?!?!?! I love my job and my case is great.

    I am enrolled to get my BSN this spring, so I am not sure if I will look for a hospital job quite yet (Overload with 2 kids, 2 jobs and full time school).
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    New RN and starting a partime PD job in home without an agency.
    Im in Wisconsin too.....what is the site to log the hours online? I was told to get a billing company like badgerbilling or something?
    will they take out taxes, if not might as well do the online billing!
    Can we open our own retirement account like a solo 401K?
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