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I have thought about doing private duty as an LPN but it seems that none of the agencies even offer medical insurance? Does anyone know any private duty agencies that offer good medical coverage too? Thanks;)... Read More

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    Hello To All!

    Since I have just started a job in private duty home health nursing, it is oh so helpful to read your comments about the current trends in salary and health insurance for this type of work! My new employer, Maxim Healthcare Services, offers group health insurance after one calendar month of service to employees who agree to work 30 hours or more per week.(my fellow employees say that this Tennessee Maxim office just started the benefit of group health insurance a couple of months ago). I am thankful that this agency now offers ANY option for health insurance because the trend for many years has been that private duty nurses are on their own for health insurance coverage. (Several health insurance companies have turned me down this year on my request for individual health insurance due to my "pre-existing health conditions"---group health insurance requirements are generally much less picky about health conditions when an employee completes application papers for enrollment!)

    I agree with your comments that the nursing pay and the employee cost of health insurance are different than the options I have experienced in working other nursing jobs in hospitals,clinics, or the state health department. But I also agree with your comments that private duty home health work is generally much less difficult than other nursing work which involves responsibility for several patients each shift. To me, these differences in pay and health insurance for private duty home health work are a reasonable "trade off" to be able to do nursing work at a much slower pace. I am older now and have some health limitations so working in a fast paced nursing job is no longer a safe option for me. Best wishes to all!

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    Thanks. Maxim health insurance sounds good. I will definately give them a call if I see any ads for them looking for nurses in my area.
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    we have group insurance at around $65 a week for single employee.

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